Carla Canales

Carla Canales has been praised by Opera Magazine for possessing a voice that “grabs the heartstrings with its dramatic force and musicality.”

In 2014, she became the first singer ever to win the prestigious Sphinx Medal of Excellence, an honor bestowed upon her by Justice Sotomayor in a ceremony and concert at the Supreme Court of the United States. In 2015, she also became the first opera singer to be named by Foreign Policy Magazine to its prestigious annual listing of the year’s 100 Leading Global Thinkers for her work using music to bridge cultural barriers. In 2017 she became the first opera singer to receive the Michigan Alliance for the Arts Lifetime Achievement Award as well as the prestigious University of Michigan Bicentennial Alumni Award. Most recently, Ms Canales was named one of Musical America’s 30 Movers and Shapers of 2018. As a singer she has received worldwide acclaim, and is best known for her portrayals of Bizet’s Carmen which she has performed over 80 times in a dozen countries. She has performed as a soloist at Lincoln Center, the Kennedy Center, Carnegie Hall and top international venues in Europe, Asia and Latin America. She holds both US and Mexican citizenships.

Nefise Özkal Lorentzen

Nefise Özkal Lorentzen is a Turkish-Norwegian writer, filmmaker and associate professor at Innland University.

Over the past two decades she has directed documentaries, short films, TV-series and a controversial documentary trilogy related to Islam: “Gender Me” (2008), “A Balloon for Allah” (2011), and “ManIslam” (2014). She’s been named one of the TOP 10 immigrant role models in Norway. She’s received several awards and nominations, and her films have premiered in prestigious festivals such as IDFA, Rhode Island Film Festival and Gothenburg Film Festival.




Baturu Cultural Festival together with the China Women’s Film Festival presents a film program “Berlin Feminist Film Week (BFFW) @ Baturu” organized as part of “Baturu for Beijing + 25”.  The program includes screenings of the BFFW short films in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu followed by online Q&A sessions on October 17, 18 and online screenings later in October. “BFFW @ Baturu” is held in partnership with Berlin Feminist Film Week and is supported by the Embassy of Germany in Beijing and German Consulates in Shanghai and Chengdu.

The films for the program “BFFW @ Baturu” were selected by BFFW’s curator Karin Fornander and reflect BFFW’s intersectional approach to gender, race, class, bodies and culture demonstrating complex and contextual images of contemporary women. The program includes Revolvo (2019) by Francy Fabritz, End-O (2019) by Alice Seabright, Two Bodies on a Beach (2019) by Anna Paavilainen, Marisol (2019) by Zoé Salicrup-Junco and Mc Jess (2018) by Carla Villa Lobos.

“Baturu for Beijing + 25” is an online/offline festival that aims to celebrate women’s achievements in arts and spark a discussion on issues women face around the world; with its title the event commemorates the 25th anniversary of the Fourth Conference on Women held in 1995 in Beijing.

Time: October 17 – 18, 2020
Venue: Goethe Institut (Beijing); Department of Culture and Education of German Consulate General in Shanghai (Shanghai); Tongzilin International Community Center(Chengdu Oct 17), Nu Space (Chengdu Oct 18)




Masako Okamura

Executive Creative Director

Dentsu One Manila

Under the COVIT-19 pandemic, she has been technically challenged by Zooms, Teams, BlueJeans and GoogleMeet and physically by time zone in Japan, Philippines and USA. In 2017 she took up the Executive Creative Director role at ASPAC, now Dentsu One Manila, which handles accounts such as Honda, Ginebra San Miguel and Nissin Cup Noodles. Prior to that, she was ECD at Dentsu Vietnam and won big local accounts such as Beer 333, Jetstar and Mobifone.


Masako has numerous accolades under her belt with work for clients such as Toyota, Suntory, Shiseido, Fujifilm, Shizuoka Broadcasting and Thai Airways International. She has served on juries for Cannes, Clio, YoungGuns, AdFest, Spikes, One Show, London International Awards, New York Festivals and so on. She is one of the International Board of Directors for One Club that organizes One Show and ADC.


Masako just finished co-authoring a Korean book, titled  “ 커리어 대작전(Career Operation)”.  It details tough but amusing episodes of when she became the first female CD at Dentsu. She has spread the word ”Kawaii”, the essence for Japanese culture, in her speeches in 14 countries. Meanwhile, she is a Sake Sommelier and is proactive about promoting it among her friends.

The Future of Advertising: Gender Equality & Diversity is key

Christina Knight, Creative Director, will talk about how working with and implementing gender equality, inclusion and diversity  in the advertising industry will not only change the communication and content itself, but also be beneficial to agency cultures, client and consumer relations and profitability for both brands and agencies. Christina will show inspiring and empowering best practices from advertising where sexism, ageism and racism, for example, are no longer part of the communication.

Christina Knight is a Creative Director with over 30 years experience of advertising. She has been awarded for her creative work and leadership and has also become the strongest advocate for gender equality, inclusion and diversity in the Swedish advertising industry, famous for her books “Mad Women” and “Not Buying It”.

Christina has lectured all over the world to inspire change through role models and practical, hands-on advice. This will be her first lecture in China (which she has only visited once – in 1987! – and loved it) Christina is also a mentor, a board member of UN Women and IAW (International Alliance of Women), a co-founder of TakeTwo (an organisation to bring more gender equality, inclusion and diversity into the media industries). Her daytime job is as Creative Director at The Amazing Society in Stockholm, Sweden.









翔凤文化节还将与奥地利驻华大使馆合作推出奥地利主题单元,包含导演Paul Poet的极简抽象主义风格访谈类纪录片以及导演本人的连线交流,以及记述奥地利一系列杰出女性的纪录片。


翔凤文化节也将侧重展映中外女导演的短片,包括法国里昂CineFabrique 学院的女学生作品展映、中国挪威电影专业学生的共创项目利勒哈默尔遇见中国(Lillehammer Meets China的学生女性主义作品等。


艺术单元将把世界各国的女性主义艺术家带到中国观众身边。翔凤文化节邀请到美国纽约A.I.R.画廊,它是美国历史最悠久的女权主义画廊,在60年代女权主义艺术崛起中起到关键作用。A.I.R.画廊的艺术家们将开展一系列线上活动,包括在线课堂、工作坊和座谈会。参与的艺术家包括Susan Bee, Maxine Henryson, Aya Rodriguez-Izumi, Aliza Shvarts等,她们在艺术界的成就举足轻重,代表女性主义艺术领域的最高水平。


广告创意单元邀请到业内巨擘参与活动,嘉宾包括:瑞典广告专家克里斯蒂娜·奈特(Christina Knight),她既是著名广告总监,也是《Mad Women: A Herstory of Advertising》一书的作者;性别和传播学专家Viktoria Saxby,著有《The New Man: on boys, men and the end of the battle of the sexes》;日本电通公司第一位女性创意总监冈村雅子。




漫画单元:通过面向专业人士和大众的教育项目,探讨如何将性别议题代入漫画创作。我们很荣幸与《Priya’s Shakti》漫画的作者Ram Devineni、著名漫画家Camilla Zhang共同主办全球漫画工作坊,引导漫画家如何创作探讨性别平等议题的漫画;此外,还有包括Liza Donnelly策展的《纽约客》杂志女性漫画家系列课程、奥地利Nexcomic漫画节的漫画家课程在内的世界各国漫画家的在线交流。


文学单元:为庆祝《北京宣言》25周年,翔凤文化节将邀请中外作家参与文学共创活动,作家将会从《北京宣言》所涉及的女性权利中任选一项为主题,撰写命题短篇小说。精选作品将会集结成《北京宣言》25周年的纪念小说集。率先参与的两位作家是来自德国的Jovana Reisinger和来自中国的张亦楠。


音乐单元:音乐是提升社会性别意识,改善性别文化的有力武器。翔凤文化节在此特别隆重推出Carla Dirlikov Canales,她是美国著名女中音歌唱家和艺术活动家,并创立女性公益音乐项目“Hear Her Song”,她将在线上用歌声与观众会面,庆祝女性取得的卓越成就。










We invite men to take part in Baturu for Beijing +25 and hold a lecture, a workshop, join a round table or a co-creation event.

The advancement of gender equality requires the mobilization of men and boys. We encourage men to become involved in the festival and take on an active role in an artistic dialogue on gender equality. We invite men artists, filmmakers, comic
creators, musicians, writers, and other creative professionals passionate about women’s rights to take part in the festival’s online events and support women’s

We especially encourage male leaders to taken action in
support of gender equality.

Power of Online

International Involvement

Held online, Baturu for Beijing +25 brings to China a multitude of cultural figures and environments impossible to assemble for an offline festival. The festival’s participants include feminist American and Chinese artist, comic creators from China, Europe and America, writers from New York amongst others.

Large Audience

Online events as part of Baturu for Beijing + 25 provide access to Chinese and international audiences. We expect more than 1000000 people to attend our event online. For the recent years Baturu has been expanding its audience through social media and online activities such as screenings, recorded Q&A seasons, Zoom workshops and live-streamed discussions that had a huge success with the audiences.


Despite the absence of physical presence, the internet allows a variety of opportunities for interaction. Along with traditional conversation formats it allows space for creativity and novelty – such as interactive musical performances and real-time co-creation workshops.

How to Participate

For Organisations:

We kindly ask cultural organisations to support Baturu for Beijing +25 in one of the following ways:
1. GUESTS – invite your partners and friends – artists, filmmakers, writers, musicians, comic artists and other
creators – to participate online in Baturu for Beijing+25. We welcome creative approaches and
unconventional formats and by now have come up with the following types of activities: solo event, dialogue
event and co-creation event. Events with international guests will be simultaneously translated and streamed
for Chinese and international audiences;
2. PROMOTION – provide support in promoting Baturu for Beijing+25 in social media;
3. SPEECH – record a speech by a representative of your organisation in support of the event;
4. FINANCIAL SUPPORT – support the event financially by funding the participation of a speaker;
5. TECHNICAL SUPPORT – provide interpreters for events with international guests.

For Individuals / Solo Event:

Solo event is an online event (a lecture, musical performance, speech etc) hosted by one person. Solo events are held by artists, filmmakers and
professionals of other creative fields from all over the world. The program includes:
• A series of talks with film directors analysing films from the feminist perspective (list of directors TBC);
• Workshops by Chinese and Austrian comic artists;
• Workshops with writers from PEN America;
• Musical performances.

For Individuals / Dialogue Event:

Dialogue event is an online event hosted by several guests (a forum, conference, conversation, collective musical performance). Dialogue-format events bring together speakers from different corners of the world allowing them to share opinions in front of Chinese and international audiences. Dialogue events as part of Baturu for Beijing + 25 include:
• A forum on film curating with Karin Fornander(BFFW) and Cynthia-Laure Etom (WiF – France);
• A forum on filmmaking with directors from China, Europe and America;
• A panel discussion on history of art from the feminist perspective;
• Panel discussions with comic artists from China, Europe and America.