General info

Time: 2020.12.03, 19:00 Beijing time
Address: Sino-Swedish Innovation Centre, B1 Innovation Building A, Hangxing Science Park, Dongcheng District Beijing
ZOOM ID: 815 2720 8202,Passcode: 624199
Language: French with consecutive translation
Organizer: Baturu for Beijing + 25
Sponsor: Embassy of the Netherlands in Beijing
Partners:  Wallonia-Brussels Delegation in Beijing, China Nordic Innovation Hub


TOPIC: FEMINISM and film. women in the industry and on screen

We are pleased to invite you to a forum titled “Film and Feminism. Women in the Industry and on Screen” that is held as part of the Baturu for Beijing + 25 festival (September 24 – December 10, 2020). The forum, the offline part of which will take place at China Nordic Innovation Hub in Beijing, will bring together the following speakers – Sarah Hirtt, a filmmaker from Belgium, Cynthia-Laure Etom, President & Founder of Women In Film – France, and Guylaine Maroist, a film director from Canada; it will be moderated by Beijing-based independent journalist, Aladin Farré. The informational partner of the event is the Wallonia-Brussels Delegation in Beijing.

The recent studies show that there is much room for improvement in terms of equality behind the scenes and on screen. Over the past decade, women have accounted for only 23% of film directors and they have been underrepresented in such roles as cinematographer, writer, producer etc.

Simultaneously, over the past decades, there has been an active discussion on gender equality and patriarchal order in cinema prompted by women’s movement and academical developments including the groundbreaking article by Laura Mulvey “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema” (1973). Eventually, this year saw the appearance of a book by Iris Brey “The Female Gaze” which discusses portraying female characters as subjects that share their experiences in opposition to the objectifying “male gaze”.

At the same time, recently we witnessed social movements and protests (including those around controversial cinema figures and productions) that demonstrate that society and the industry are questioning the existing norms of minorities’ portrayal and lack of professional equality.

We would like to invite the panel participants to discuss interrelations between the women’s movement, changes in the industry, developments of academic thought, and the evolution of the female image on screen as well as the reasons behind certain trends in the film industry and institutional tools to overcome them.


speakers and host


Cynthia-Laure Etom (online)

Cynthia-Laure Etom is a journalist and consultant in public relations. With a strong commitment to human rights and gender equality, with a focus on women and gender issues, her expertise extends to the place and image of women within the media.
She is the President & Founder of  the international organization : Women In Film – France (WIF – FRANCE). Also a speaker, she delivers workshops for all, in Europe and North America. In october 2020, she was selected “Top 100 Black Women To Watch In Canada – 2020” (CIBWE). 

Sarah Hirtt (online)

After obtaining her diploma in Romance Languages and Letters at Université Libre de Bruxelles, Sarah Hirtt, guided by her passion for cinema, took a film directing course at INSAS (Institut National Supérieur des Arts du Spectacle et des techniques de diffusion). She completed her Master’s degree with distinction and her graduation film, “En Attendant Le Degel”, won the 2nd Ciné-fondation Prize at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival among other awards. In 2014, Sarah Hirtt produced a short film, “Javotte”, and in 2018 released on her first feature film, “Escapada”. The same year, she joined the board of the Association of French-speaking directors and in 2019, she became a member of a feminist collective “Elles Font des Films” that deals with issues of parity and diversity in the audiovisual sector. She is currently working on a script for her second feature film “Cyclopes” (co-written with Sabrina B. Karine) and a mini-series “Deluges” (co-written with Garance Meillon).

Guylaine Maroist (online)

Guylaine Maroist is a Canadian journalist, filmmaker, musician, scriptwriter and film director. She is well known for her documentary productions such as “Gentilly or Not To Be”, “Time Bombs”, “The Disunited States of Canada”, and “God Save Justin Trudeau”. In 2011 she received the Governor General’s History Award for Popular History (The Pierre Berton Award) for her TV documentary series “My Memories On a Roll”. She is President of Productions de la Ruelle, a documentary film production company in Montreal, and President of Les Artistes pour la Paix, a Quebec NGO advocating peace and nuclear disarmament.

Host (offline)

Aladin Farré is a French factual content producer and journalist based in Beijing. Founder of the company China Compass Productions he is the host of Middle Earth – China’s cultural industry podcast.