Berlin Feminist Film Week @ Baturu

The film program “Berlin Feminist Film Week @ Baturu” took place in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu on October 17 and 18, 2020 with the support of the Embassy of Germany in Beijing and the Consulates of Germany in Shanghai and Chengdu. The program included screenings of six short films selected by the BFFW team  – Revolvo” (2019) by Francy Fabritz, “End-O” (2019) by Alice Seabright, “Two Bodies on a Beach” (2019) by Anna Paavilainen, “Marisol” (2019) by Zoé Salicrup-Junco, “Mc Jess” (2018) by Carla Villa Lobos and “Mixed Race” (2019) by Tai Linhares – and Q&A with the filmmakers. The films of the program reflect BFFW’s intersectional approach to gender, race, class, bodies and culture demonstrating complex and contextual images of contemporary women.

On October 17, screenings and discussions were held simultaneously in Goethe-Institut China (Beijing), Department of Culture and Education of German Consulate General in Shanghai and Tongzilin International Community Center (Chengdu) in two sessions.

During the first session the audiences in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu watched “Mixed Race”, “Marisol” and “Revolvo”. The screening was followed by a live introduction by the BFFW curator Karin Fornander and a discussion with the creators of “Revolvo” – the director Francy Fabritz and producer Sara Fazilat. The audiences in three cities had a chance to ask questions to Fabritz and Fazilat and enjoy an interactive discussion.

During the second session, which was held in Beijing and Shanghai, the screening of “Two Bodies on a Beach”, “End-O” and “Mc Jess” was accompanied with a Q&A with the script-writer of “End-O” Elaine Gracie and the producer of “Mc Jess” Julia Araújo. Both sessions were moderated by the Chinese translator, writer and poet Chen Bo. During the discussions the filmmakers talked about the stories told in the films, their plot structure and social meaning, and moreover, revealed the meanings hidden in the details of the films.

The screenings were opened by introductory speeches, in Beijing – by Britta Dehnel, Attaché in the Cultural Section in the German Embassy, in Shanghai – by Oliver Hartmann, Director of Department of Culture and Education of German Consulate General in Shanghai and Maximilian Hallensleben, Consular and Head of Cultural and Press Affairs at the German Consulate Shanghai, in Chengdu – by Paul Sander, Cultural Attaché of the German Consulate in Chengdu.

On October 18, NU SPACE in Chengdu held the screening of five films – “Marisol”, “Revolvo”, “Two Bodies on a Beach”, “End-O”, and “Mixed Race” that was accompanied by a Q&A session with the director of “Mixed Race” Tai Linhares. The screening was opened by the speech by the Sebastian Dern, Deputy Consul General.