The Future of Advertising: Gender Equality & Diversity is key

Christina Knight, Creative Director, will talk about how working with and implementing gender equality, inclusion and diversity  in the advertising industry will not only change the communication and content itself, but also be beneficial to agency cultures, client and consumer relations and profitability for both brands and agencies. Christina will show inspiring and empowering best practices from advertising where sexism, ageism and racism, for example, are no longer part of the communication.

Christina Knight is a Creative Director with over 30 years experience of advertising. She has been awarded for her creative work and leadership and has also become the strongest advocate for gender equality, inclusion and diversity in the Swedish advertising industry, famous for her books “Mad Women” and “Not Buying It”.

Christina has lectured all over the world to inspire change through role models and practical, hands-on advice. This will be her first lecture in China (which she has only visited once – in 1987! – and loved it) Christina is also a mentor, a board member of UN Women and IAW (International Alliance of Women), a co-founder of TakeTwo (an organisation to bring more gender equality, inclusion and diversity into the media industries). Her daytime job is as Creative Director at The Amazing Society in Stockholm, Sweden.