In recognition of Beijing +25, BATURU has established a new line of partnership with A.I.R. Gallery (Brooklyn, NY) to feature a series of online lectures led by A.I.R. artists—Aliza Shvarts, Maxine Henryson, Susan Bee, and Aya Rodriguez-Izumi, who demonstrate exceptional achievement in the arts and the highest level of artistic practice in feminist theory.

The digital programs will expose Chinese audiences to the rich history of Feminist theory and art-making, a revolutionary movement that has New York City as one of its world centers to this day, and we welcome all women artists, art students, and feminist activists from the Asia Pacific Regions to join this event.


Established in 1972, A.I.R. Gallery is the first non-profit, artist-directed, co-op gallery for women artists in the United States. During the BATURU Festival, A.I.R. will hold a series of digital classes, workshops, and panels led by prominent A.I.R. artists from different generations — including Aliza Shvarts, Maxine Henryson, Susan Bee, and Aya Rodriguez-Izumi.

Fou distinct modules will be dedicated to the following themes: the role of the body in feminist performance by Aliza Shvarts; feminist image-making through photography by Maxine Henryson; collaboration as a feminist mode of working by Susan Bee; and rewriting feminist history through digital archiving by Aya Rodriguez-Izumi. This digital initiative will be freely accessible to a diverse public, while also directly fostering engagement by an audience of women artists, art students, and feminist activists from the Asia Pacific Regions.


Women are given the opportunity to share their experiences, fears, pain, anger, hopes and wishes by writing on white shirts with a red marker. The project is carried out with local organizations. Women write at home, in workshops or in public and are accompanied by counselors on request. So far, cooperation has been established with Switzerland, India, Chile, the Seychelles, Mauritius, Germany and China.