FILM: MY Talk With Florence

The Baturu Cultural Festival in partnership with Austrian Cultural Forum, Beijing and Eyepetizer will hold a screening of a film by Paul Poet “My Talk With Florence” at IOMA Art Centre. The screening will be followed by an online Q&A session with Paul Poet.

Date and time:  26 November, 2020
Venue:  IOMA Art Centre, Chaoyang District, Jiuxianqiao Road, 2, Section D, 01
Partners: Austrian Cultural Forum, Eyepetizer platform

Title:  My Talk With Florence

Director:  Paul Poet

Runtime: 129 min

Year:  2015

Country:  Austria

Genre: Documentary

Language:  German with Chinese subtitles

Stars:  Florence Burnier-Bauer, Paul Poet

Award: Best Cinema Documentary at Sydney World Film Festival 2016

A minimalist interview-film, dealing with one of the most disturbing life-stories of the 20th Century. Florence fled from the sexual and psychological abuse by her post-war bourgeois home into a vagabond life of crime and freedom. She ended up in the Austrian counterculture community Friedrichshof, led by the infamous Vienna Actionism-Artist Otto Mühl, where her own children were subsequently taken away and the cycle of violence and mistreatment continued. This is the narrative of a woman who needed 50 years to learn to say No. An oral history about abuse, resistance and survival.

This film is a prepared staged talk that grew out of many years of friendship between Florence and Paul Poet, during which the director helped Florence to liberate herself from the ghost of her past and find a voice for her troubling story.

Paul Poet is an internationally acclaimed Austrian film director and author, studied philosopher, curator and culture journalist. Poet was selected into a canon of international political cinema by the Biennale Istanbul in 2013 with following showcases at Istanbul IFF, Doc Aviv and at MoMA New York. “My Talk with Florence” is his third cinema documentary.