Time: 2020.11.29, 19:00
Guests: Karin Fornander (Berlin Feminist Film Week), Jenny Man Wu (Beijing Queer Film Festival), Lior Elefant (Lethal Lesbian)
ZOOM: ID: 854 6086 5122,Passcode: 424197
Organizer: Baturu for Beijing + 25
Sponsors: the Embassy of Germany in Beijing, the Consulates of Germany in Shanghai and Chengdu


As part of “Berlin Feminist Film Week@Baturu” we are pleased to present a panel discussion “Do we still need queer film festivals?”

LGBTI*Q film festivals flourished in the 1970s and 1980s in Western Europe and North America following the rise of the Gay Liberation movement and later in an urge to speak up about HIV-positive people, and saw global expansion in the 1990s. Appearing as a reaction to the current state of society, LGBTI*Q film festivals remain relevant continuing to emerge in different parts of the world. Since 2010, more than 130 new LGBTI*Q festivals have been established globally, exhibiting a trend for a specific political focus – race/ethnicity, migration, gender etc.

Bringing together the curators of festivals focusing on queer and feminist films – Karin Fornander, the curator of Berlin Feminist Film Week (since 2014), Jenny Man Wu, the curator of Beijing Queer Film Festival (since 2001), Lior Elefant, the curator of Lethal Lesbian (since 2008), the forum will shed light on current trends in queer and feminist festivals, the conditions and reasons behind them as well as touch upon broader topics related to queer and feminist filmmaking.


Karin Fornander / Berlin Feminist Film Week (Germany)
Karin Fornander is the founder of the Berlin Feminist Film Week, a feminist film festival, which challenges patriarchal norms of storytelling and gives a platform to cinematic feminist experiences. Since its foundation in 2014, she is the director and a curator of the Berlin Feminist Film Week team. She studied political science and sociology in Sweden, Russia and Germany.
Berlin Feminist Film Week is a feminist festival founded in Berlin in 2014. Its mission is to challenge the hegemony of patriarchal storytelling through feminist films. Not only are women, queer and PoC filmmakers and protagonists heavily underrepresented in mainstream cinema, but often misrepresented as the characters rely on stereotypes. Discussions on feminist theory and discourse often take place within academia, by using film as a medium the BFFW wants to ensure access to feminist conversations for those outside of academia as well.

Lior Elefant / Lethal Lesbian (Israel)
Lior Elefant is a feminist activist dedicated to support and promote women in the media industries in Israel. Since 2008 she co-founded and/or took part in projects related to women and the media. such as “P. See”, the Israeli Women in Film and Television Forum, the Lethal Lesbian film festival and more. She is currently co-CEO of Women in the Picture Association and working on her Ph.D. in sociology at Ben Gurion University of the Negev.
Lethal Lesbian is an Israeli Lesbian film festival that was founded in 2008 by Dana Ziv and Anat Nir, joined by Lior Elefant in 2009. Since its establishment, it has been screening short Israeli LGBTQ films made by Israeli women, for women, and about women. The festival is not publicly funded, and all involved in it are volunteers. It is the biggest cultural event in Israel for queer women.

Jenny Man Wu / Beijing Queer Film Festival (China)
Independent director, producer and curator. Studied at Beijing Film Academy and Li Xianting Film School. She was in charge of the China Project at Bridging the Dragon Sino-European Producers’ Association, Committee member and Director on Duty of Beijing Queer Film Festival. The films she directed and produced were screened at the Berlinale, Viennale, Women’s Film Festival of Brussels, Dortmund International Women’s Film Festival, SEOUL International Women’s Film Festival and FIRST Film Festival, Beijing Independent Film Festival, Friss Hús Budapest etc. As producer, she has participated international workshop including Biennale College Cinema 2020, Berlinale Talents Program in 2019, Shanghai International Film Festival Training Program 2020 and FIRST film festival training program in 2014.
Beijing Queer Film Festival, is an LGBT film festival, held annually in Beijing. It was the first LGBT film festival to be established in mainland China, founded in 2001 by the Chinese author and LGBT film director Cui Zi’en, a professor at the Beijing Film Academy.