About Baturu


The Baturu Festival and the China Women’s Film Festival are organised by the Crossroads Centre, a Beijing-based social enterprise that uses art and film to promote a dialogue between Chinese and other cultures putting an emphasis on women’s issues.

The China Women’s Film Festival (CWFF) was launched in Beijing in 2013 and since 2018 was held both in Beijing and Hong Kong. While the festival in Hong Kong retained its focus on the film industry, the Beijing edition grew into an interdisciplinary event and in 2019 was renamed into Baturu Cultural Festival.

For their history of 8 years, the festivals screened more than 300 films in Beijing, cities of mainland China and Hong Kong.

In 2014, CWFF was awarded the Intercultural Achievement Award from the Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs of Austria.

In 2017, the Crossroads Centre organised the first exhibition of feminist comic books in China.

Baturu Online

In 2018, we launched Chinese Young Female Filmmakers Network — an initiative that connects students from 50 universities in China to film institutes abroad. Since then, the network has collaborated with the TVSchool of the Inland University (Lillehammer) on an online course on filmmaking.

In 2020, we launched a series of online film festivals in partnership with the French film school CineFabrique in Lyon (France), the Tapis Rouge Films company in Québec (Canada) and Amandus Film Festival in Lillehammer (Norway). The Quebec online festival got more than 50 000 views during three

In June 2020, we launched an online course on feminist film criticism led by Clara Bradbury-Rance (King's College London) which has a huge success among Chinese film specialists and will be followed by a series of discussions with wider audiences led by the course’s students.


For the past editions, the events of the Baturu Cultural Festival and the China Women’s Film Festival were covered by leading Chinese media such as CGTN, CCTV6, Sanwen 8, South China Morning Post, entertainment and local media such as TheBeijinger, Culture Trip, TimeOut as well as and international press such as BBC,
Associated Press and Variety.