Draw your heroine with #baturuforhomeland



What’s on your mind? Draw your heroine with #baturuforhomeland

CWFF, April 24th

Have you ever imagined superheroes saving the world, not only as « righteous » men but also as colorful female heroes.
In order to show women’s abilities, courage and independence, and to raise awareness about gender equality, we invite everyone to participate in the #baturuforhomeland event co-created by BATURU Comics Super Heroine International, and use comics to show female superheroes who can defend your home.

She can be the superhero you imagine:

Painted by Chen Kepei: Prince Su (Created by China International Women’s Film Festival, drawn by Fiona Staples)
Use Tesla Gun to Fight Virus and Protect Beijing

Painted by Emilia Carrere: In La Londe les Maures, France (a city between arseille and Cannes), Supergirls can teleport themselves to any place in the city to help people in need

And any creative ideas:

Painted by Maelie (France): She has a pair of wings, flying above Paris, to protect women who have been injured by domestic violence

Let the heroines you create protect your homeland, and draw a world map of heroines with friends all over the world.

The rules of participation are simple:

• The picture should include: a female hero + the city landmark she guards + her guardian action
• Platform: Facebook or Weibo
• When publishing Facebook or Weibo, attach a text stating who she is, Which city or town she is in, and what she is doing.
• Share it with the hashtag #baturuforhomeland
• Time limit: none

Note: “BATURU” means Manchu “hero”. When the China International Women’s Film Festival
opened the comic super heroine international co-creation activity, BATURU was used to refer
specifically to female heroes to avoid the original intention of “hero” masculinity