Power of Online

International Involvement

Held online, Baturu for Beijing +25 brings to China a multitude of cultural figures and environments impossible to assemble for an offline festival. The festival’s participants include feminist American and Chinese artist, comic creators from China, Europe and America, writers from New York amongst others.

Large Audience

Online events as part of Baturu for Beijing + 25 provide access to Chinese and international audiences. We expect more than 1000000 people to attend our event online. For the recent years Baturu has been expanding its audience through social media and online activities such as screenings, recorded Q&A seasons, Zoom workshops and live-streamed discussions that had a huge success with the audiences.


Despite the absence of physical presence, the internet allows a variety of opportunities for interaction. Along with traditional conversation formats it allows space for creativity and novelty – such as interactive musical performances and real-time co-creation workshops.